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GoldPlus Fasteners is your best one stop shop to source quality, made in Taiwan, fastener products. We have supplied fasteners and fastener related parts around the globe.



GoldPlus Technology can supply all forms of tooling from dies, punches, pins, flat dies, nut taps (with bent shanks), etc and even complete tooling design sets. All of our products are manufactured in Taiwan, well known around the world for their quality and competitive prices.

GoldPlus Technology also is your reliable partner to help with all tooling designs. If you need a new tooling set, or have a problem with your existing set, we can help. We offer:

  • Complete and Partial tooling set

    • For basic to complex fasteners. Up to six station machines

    • Some examples: Drywall, wood screws, hex flange self tapping screw, flange nuts, hex nuts, hex bolts, weld nuts, studs, collar bush, and many more

  • Design improvements to increase tooling life

  • Resolving existing tooling problems

    • Parts require piercing

    • Parts require trimming

    • Parts require segment die, open die or sliding die

    • Parts require 180° rotation transfer, multiple rotations

    • Parts require multiple extrusions

      • Trap, Open

    • Parts require multiple reductions

    • Taptite thread

MACHINERY DIVISION: Customization & Automation


GoldPlus Technology has helped many factories improve their efficiency by using customized automation in their production line. We can help you.

  • Automated feeding for hydraulic thru feeding thread rolling machines

  • Side selection for thread rolling machines

  • Short blank assist mechanism for short parts transfers in bolt formers

  • Various sizes and types of conveyor belts and hoppers

  • Multi-washer assembly machine for thread rolling machines

  • Screw conveyor/screener (iron chip separator)

  • Optical sorting machine

For further information regarding our machinery division, please visit:

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